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Auto Credit Sales Bad Credit Auto Loan Differences

  • We have the largest selection of vehicles to choose from in the Spokane-CDA region. Period.
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Explanation of Terms

Everyone is approved Every day.
Our online car loan application takes a few minutes to fill out and submit. We have a robust network of lenders to work with, allowing us to get your car loans as low as 1.99%. No obligation application, and no application fees, ever.

Choice, Options & Experience

With over 500+ vehicles to choose from every day we provide the best selection of cars, trucks SUVs in the Spokane, Spokane Valley, Hayden, and Post Falls area. Each one of our lots has more than 100 cars in stock at any time. With options ranging from fuel efficient Toyota Prius to work trucks like Dodge Ram 1500s we have something for everyone.

Bad Credit Auto Loans, No Credit Auto Loans, Bankruptcies, Poor Credit Auto Loans

Your credit score should never be the deciding factor when it comes to owning your next vehicle. Even if you have struggled to make payments in the past, or have been a victim of identity theft, or you have had to file bankruptcy we can help you get back on your feet and rebuild your credit score.

Local Dealers, Local Solution.

We are your local Spokane auto credit solution when you are looking for a car when you have bad credit, we have 4 locations in the Spokane, WA area (Hayden, ID – North Spokane – Post Falls, ID – Spokane Valley) to help you find a local solution to your no credit car loan problem.

Repair Your Credit with a Bad Credit Auto Loan

We regularly report your on-time payments to major credit reporting companies and bureaus so they know you are making payments on a bad credit auto loan which will raise your credit score put you on the road to building or putting you back on a positive report history.

Common Loan Terms

Any adult who signs a loan agreement with an applicant will be legally obligated to pay off the debt if the applicant fails to do so. This is to safeguard our investment in you, and to help an applicant get a better financing if they have poor credit or bad credit.
A wide-ranging record of any debts, or debt payments. Loan providers use credit history to determine the risk of a loan. Your poor or bad credit history will not disqualify you from receiving a loan from Auto Credit Sales. We provide poor credit, no credit, and bad credit solutions to everyone, always.
The amount of money a purchaser pays up front towards the cost of the vehicle. Although not part of an auto loan it does affect the size of your payments, and in some cases the interest.
How long it will take to pay off your auto loan in full. At the end of the term the vehicle will have been paid off, unless there are mitigating circumstances.
A car that is turned in to Auto Credit Sales as part of the down payment toward the purchase of another car from Auto Credit Sales.
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